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1112 Oakridge Dr. Suite, 104-277
Fort Collins, CO 80525
United States


Founder and President Richard Fagerlin leads teams towards levels of higher trust using proven methods and personalized assessment tools.

What is Trustology?

Are your working relationships characterized by mutual respect, innovation, collaboration, healthy conflict, and an open invitation for feedback?

Or have you experienced time and energy being wasted on turf wars, silo mindsets, suspicion, misunderstandings, and low employee engagement?

Have you ever struggled to create a high-engagement, high-performance, high impact culture in your team?

Enter Trustology. A course designed to challenge team members to take responsibility for the one thing that determines the success of every business and interpersonal endeavor: trust. Trustology is full of stick-with-you principles to create high-functioning relationships, both personal and professional, and simple but effective processes to develop a high-trust culture within your teams. If you are ready to dig into the hard work of understanding and reclaiming trust- welcome.